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D9223 PowerVu Receiver

How to Retune your PowerVu D9223 Receiver for the

Alaska Public Broadcasting SIP Multiplex

First perform a factory reset. This process uses the front panel display.

Press the ALT once to change from normal receiver operation to ALT Mode. The ALT light flashes off and on continuously.

Press the CHAN and CHAN buttons simultaneously. The front panel displays, “do?”.

Press the YES button to initiate the Factory Reset (pressing any other key aborts the action).

Once initiated, a Factory Reset CAN NOT be interrupted or reversed. The front panel will display, “CLr” for several seconds, then it will display, “InIt” for several more, then go black, then display four dashes - - - - and finally display a single blinking dot. The Factory Reset is now complete. Press the STANDBY button and the front panel will display a zero.

Now you may proceed with programming the receiver. This process uses menus you will not see from the front panel. Press the buttons EXACTLY as directed. If you make a mistake, press “VIEW” and start back at this point.

Press the “MENU” button, then the number 2 then the number 9.

Press the “NEXT” button.

Enter the numbers, 1 0 9 3 5 0

Press the “NEXT” button.

Press the CHAN button TWICE

Press the “NEXT” button.

Enter the numbers, 1 3 2 5 0 0

Press the “YES” button. Wait 5 seconds

Press the “VIEW” button. Wait 5 seconds

Press the CHAN button ONCE

You should now see a number 1 in the display window, the signal light should come on, and ARCS should now be playing out your receiver.